In the digital world, user expectations tend to grow faster than before. For the developers across the world, it is a challenge to keep up with the pace of ever-changing demands and needs. If you are into web development, and on a lookout for enhancing the digital experiences, you need to stay updated.

The year 2018 has brought several changes in the industry. As far as coming year is concerned, it calls for results which are engaging, fun, and intuitive. Whatever content you present on your website needs to be accessible everywhere, especially on your mobile devices.

Want to know what is expected to happen in 2019? Here is a list indicating towards top 6 web development trends. Have a look:

  1. Mobile-friendly Designs: The advent of smartphone is the reason for mobile friendly websites. These devices are easy and fun to use. Hence, designing websites which appears good on small screens is now not great, but necessary. Even the rankings are affected for how your website appears on a mobile phone.
  2. Typography: How can you make a text look important to your viewer? It is possible with typography. With an overwhelming majority of information available on the internet in written text format it becomes important to choose some exclusive fonts which make your content look even better.
  3. Modules: Do you know it is possible to create a great web page with minimum or even zero knowledge of coding? It is all possible with the use of modules. Being a part of new age content management systems, it just requires choosing one module and dropping it into the mix of your website.
  4. Push Notifications: Have you recently visited a website, and then somewhere on that page, a tiny little dialogue box appears? Generally it asks you for permission to send you notifications. While this started out as a simple way to prompt the viewer to take action, it is now turning essential. Push Notifications are relevant and one of the most popular web development trends.
  5. Angular Js: This year will be all about the Progressive apps. Today websites are very lively. You will find a range of actions which can be performed on the website itself. It is all due to Angular Js, which stretches the capabilities of HTML. The best part is that these apps are not just faster, but more secure and light on usage.
  6. Chatbots: The presence of AI and Machine Learning is going to get smarter. Live chat will certainly be an appreciated feature for any web page


To conclude, this year is going to be more challenging for the digital world. However, there will be evolution of better tools to make your job easy.